Camp Up with People Response to COVID-19

Updated May 19th:

Our last update was April 27th and we wanted to get another post up to keep families in the loop on where we are at as we move forward towards summer. As we announced last post, we have amended our summer dates, and are offering enrollment deposits of just $25. We are currently working with information coming out of the CDC and resources being developed by the American Camp Association to inform our best practices moving forward.

We are updating our policies and procedures as information as this information becomes available. On or before June 1st we will have a clearer picture of our overarching policy and program plan for summer 2020. These includes considerations in the areas of social distancing, personal protective equipment, medical protocol and/or any additional schedule amendments.

While our team is anxiously looking forward to this summer, we will choose to err on the side of caution as we evaluate the responsibilities outlined by the CDC and ACA. After we have completed reviewing the guide, we will make decision accordingly. If we run programming this summer, it will be because we are confident in these guidelines and new policies we created. Regardless, our summer activities, operations, logistics, and protocols will look different than previous years.

As always, we are available by email or phone to answer any questions.

Updated April 27th:

All of you have been on our minds recently as COVID-19 effects our global community. Given the ever-changing circumstances from state to state and country to country we are closely monitoring the situation as it pertains to you and the summer. We are following recommendations from the CDC, WHO, and Virginia Department of Health and with their guidance we are taking the necessary precautions to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our campers, staff, and constituents.

With the guidance of healthcare professional, and after speaking directly with many of our families, we have decided to combine sessions A and B into one all-encompassing session from July 12th – August 1st. Our hope is that this adjustment will be suitable for each of you, while allowing stay home orders and travel bans to subside and providing our team the necessary time to adhere to and implement any updated health standards.

Given the fluid situation of COVID-19, these new dates remain contingent upon this global pandemic. We are very hopeful, and eagerly continue to plan for our 10th anniversary summer of 2020!

In these uncertain times we understand a hesitance towards registering for summer camp. We are committed to making sure your investment is safe and secure. Our goal is to help make your decision a bit easier and you may now reserve your camper’s bunk for as little as $25.00, allowing you the needed time to access your family’s situation. All camp fees must be paid in full by July 1st, 2 weeks before camp begins. In the unfortunate circumstances of cancellation , you may choose to receive a full refund or defer your payment until 2021 and not incur the yearly rate increase.

Camp Up with People is proud to have a team that operates year-round to enhance programming, develop quality partnership, manage registration, and maintain correspondence with our camper families, because we are aware that your experience with Camp Up with People is not limited to 3 weeks during the summer. Your experience includes every interaction with our team from registration until your campers return home safely. And now it includes how we manage a global pandemic. We are working to manage these circumstances with the utmost of care and concern to ensure that your entire camp experience is A+, regardless of COVID-19. We thank you for your patience, as we are all navigating uncharted territory.

When your family sits down to discuss your circumstances and these updates, if we can be of any help, please reach out to us by email or phone at 540.214.2752.

We look forward to seeing your camper this summer.

We are Many, We are One.

Your Camp Up with People Family