More Than A Summer Camp, an Experience

More Than A Summer Camp, an Experience

There is a perception that camps only have one focus, but Camp Up with People is so much more. True, a large component of the curriculum is focused on the performing arts in the style of one of our parent companies, Up with People, but we also focus on community impact, regional learning, and global citizenship.

Throughout the three week camp, our campers will complete approximately 16 hours of community service ranging from clearing invasive plant species from a local arboretum to serving the community through local food banks. Through this service we hope to instill in our campers a larger sense of the world around them and how they are an integral a part of the community they live in as well as show that while we may live in different countries, our communities need many of the same things. By participating in some community service projects, we hope to expand our camper’s view of the impact they can make at home through volunteering.

Camp Up with People is unique in that our campers come from all over the world. Imagine going to a summer camp in a different country that may not speak your native tongue. Wouldn’t you want to explore more than the campground? We think so! This is where our regional learning component comes into play. We are fortunate in that we are situated only a few hours from several historic/significant American cities that our campers get a chance to explore. The most intensive regional learning experience, however, is in Washington D.C. Here, our campers not only explore the many museums available to the public but also spend the weekend with a local host family.

As our Director, Walter Belcher, said this experience “turns places into faces.” With a large representation of international campers and campers from around the United States, it is impossible not to learn from one another. This, along with the lifelong friendships that blossom throughout camp, helps all of our campers understand more about the world beyond their borders. When somewhere is no longer just a dot on a map but a friend, your sense of global responsibility and citizenships grows.  

We hope our campers will take many of these lessons back with them to the many corners of the globe they call home. While we base much of our learning in the performing arts, that is not all that we represent and we hope that you will listen to what our Director, Walter Belcher, has to say about our program.