CUWP and World Singing Day Announce Partnership

CUWP and World Singing Day Announce Partnership

Imagine millions of people in all 196 countries singing on the same day in the spirit of our common humanity. Imagine a global wave of singing, starting in New Zealand and going west around the world for 24 hours. Imagine millions of people singing the same song at the same time to celebrate our global family.

World Singing Day (WSD), the annual global sing-along held on the third Saturday in October, aims to do just that!

Founded in 2012 by Colorado musician and Up with People alumnus Scott Johnson, World Singing Day invites people around the world to put aside their differences and share a positive human experience by singing together. “Unlike politics and religion,” says Johnson, “music has the unique power to bring people together from all backgrounds and beliefs.”

“Every day on TV and social media, we see images of humans at their worst,” says Johnson. “This often disconnects us from one another and blinds us to the fact that we’re all part of a global family sharing the same planet. But imagine if all of us actually felt connected to this global family through a common experience.”

World Singing Day is not religious or political and encourages people to put aside their differences and celebrate what we all share as human beings. World Singing Day is for everyone, regardless of your race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, singing ability, and age.

World Singing Day is a joyful community experience for musicians and non-musicians alike, from shower singers to celebrities, as they gather in their communities and sing together without the pressure of performing.

World Singing Day is not a competition, and no rehearsals are required. Anyone can join in the fun.

Why use singing to connect people? Research has shown that group singing breaks the ice and forges social bonds quicker than anything else. Researchers have also found that people singing together not only harmonize their voices, they also synchronize their heartbeats.

This simple human act of singing together is something our ancient ancestors used to do around the fire. More and more people are gathering again to sing together and experience that connection to one another, that connection that modern humans seem to have lost. “Everyone can sing,” says Johnson. “And World Singing Day is a global community-building event where everyone is invited.”

Normally people gather in public spaces to sing together on World Singing Day but with the pandemic this year the focus will be on a global online experience. UWP Campers are invited to participate in several quick and easy WSD global video projects this year. You, your family, your friends, everyone! is encouraged to join by participating in one, or many, or ALL, of our World Singing Day virtual activities.

Please visit for more information.

We are already looking ahead at 2021 and the possibility of CUWP hosting a community sing-along during camp in Harrisonburg, Virginia where the whole community and other summer camps will be invited to participate. We’ll keep you posted on these exciting opportunities with World Singing Day.

-Scott Johnson, World Singing Day Founder