Camp Up with People 2021 COVID-19 Policy

2021 Policies and Documents

Camp Up with People will undoubtedly look different in 2021—and that’s okay! Our traditions, programs, and camp spirit can still continue even if it does not look like our previous summers. We have our sights firmly set on summer 2021 and we are that much closer to it now that we can finally present our COVID resources which include:

  1. Camp Up with People 2021 COVID-19 Action Plan

  2. FAQ

Over the last year we have grown increasingly more aware of what safe practices during the pandemic need to be. As we take collective steps toward recovering, we at CUWP approach 2021 with the confidence of successfully balancing heightened healthy habits with happy campers. Despite our confidence, we are aware that we will need to tailor our CUWP curriculum to comply with COVID-19 guidelines.

Our program planning is impacted by a variety of external resources, including:

  1. The Virginia Governor’s office, which has begun updating guidelines to allow summer camps to run if Virginia is in the appropriate phase.
  2. The American Camp Association, which has created a field guide for best practices within the summer camp industry.
  3. The Center for Disease Control, whose guidelines we have been following and will continue to adhere to this summer.
  4. The World Health Organization, which provide guidelines and updates as they pertain to the international community.

With the Virginia Governor’s support, the ACA resources available to us, and continued adherence to CDC and WHO guidelines, we feel confident in our ability to offer a safe and exciting program for the 2021 summer season. Following months of thoughtful planning and collaboration we are proud to share our plans for operation this summer. We ask all currently enrolled and potential families to review the Action Plan thoroughly to best understand the protocols we are executing that allow us to run a safe and responsible summer camp program. Please note, should any relevant guidelines change from the ACA, CDC, or The Virginia Department of Health, we will update our Action Plan as needed.


This information is current as of April 22, 2021.


Pre-Camp Testing and Quarantine
All campers and staff should avoid any non-essential travel for the entire 10-day Safer at Home quarantine period. If travel outside of the home is absolutely necessary, a face mask should be worn at all times, social distancing should be maintained, and thorough hand washing should be practiced. Families will need to fill out a Health Check Form which is turned in on Opening Day. Health screenings done during the 10-day Safer at Home quarantine period are essential to ensuring folks arrive to camp healthy.

Campers and staff will be required to take a COVID test prior to their arrival to camp and present negative test results on Camp’s Opening Day. Campers and staff are responsible for acquiring this test, done 3-5 days before the start of camp. This initial test must be a PCR test.

Check-In Day Testing

The second test will take place on Opening Day, and a third follow-up test will happen 3-4 days later. We will be purchasing Abbott Rapid Antigen Tests to perform on Opening Day, and throughout the summer as necessary. These 15 minute tests will be administered by trained camp staff. There is no cost to you on these rapid tests. Anyone with a positive test will be safely quarantined or returning home when possible.


Every camper can attest, that hand washing, and sanitizing have always been a focal point at CUWP. The pandemic has magnified the urgency of maintaining clean hands. With that urgency in mind, we have installed additional sinks and hand sanitizer stations to stop the spread of germs throughout our facilities. These hand washing and sanitizing stations were implemented in response to COVID -19 back in spring of 2020 as daily operations continued on our campus.

While an inherent benefit of attending camp is spending time in the great outdoors, we also use indoor spaces, like dining halls, classrooms, and dormitories. We are lucky that all of our dorms/cabins have their own showers and bathroom. While in their own cabin, campers and staff will not be required to be in masks as this will be within their cohort. Campers and counselors will clean their cabin each day, along with our housekeeping team which will be operating with a heightened cleaning routine. This summer our housekeeping team will be increasing their cleaning rounds and paying special attention to high touch areas ( doorknobs, faucets, toilet handles, and showers, etc.) while using CDC-approved products.

Our 50-acre campus is also home to our Horizons Edge Sports facilities. While we will see passing traffic on campus with extremely limited access, at no time will these visitors jeopardize our camp bubble.

Refund Policy

We value every member of our Camp Up with People family and want our families to view camp as a fun and rewarding experience free of hesitation due to financial obligations. With this in mind we lowered our camp registration fee to $375. Finally, if we are unable to hold camp in 2021 families may request a full refund or move their tuition to 2022.