Camp Up with People FAQ

  1. What is Camp Up with People?

What isn’t Camp Up with People…? Camp Up with People is a 3-week performing arts and leadership camp for teens, ages 13-17. Throughout the 3 weeks, campers will experience the performing arts, adventure activities, community service, life skills workshops and general summer camp fun! By creating an accepting and safe environment, campers will learn about themselves and those around them while create lasting friendships with people from all over the world.

Being an international camp, our campers come from around the world. Each year our campers represent approximately 15 different countries and we value each culture and nationality greatly. We look forward to welcoming other international delegates to Camp Up with People.

  1. Do you find that 3 weeks is a long time for campers to be away from home?

Every camper’s comfort level varies, and knowing that, we have structured our curriculum accordingly and taken multiple steps to ensure a quality experience. Each of our counselors are trained to identify and support campers as while they get acclimated. We have found that calling home too often does not aid in navigating homesickness and in many cases intensify those feelings. Parents may contact campers anytime as needed.

Camp Up with People is a technology free camp for campers. While our staff will provide designated time once per weekend to contact friends and families, all electronic devices will be collected, and stored safely and securely. The CUWP experience is much more valuable when campers are physically and mentally present!We have strategically scheduled time for campers to call home every Sunday and we rigorously encourage sending and receiving letters/emails. We find that generally homesickness subsides early in the first week and is replaced by song, dance, campfires, and new international friendship, as campers establish their “new normal.”

  1. What if my child is not a performer?

Not a problem! Performance experience is not required to get the most out Camp Up with People, although we will encourage our campers to participate/experience all aspects of the program. While we are an arts-based camp, we will enjoy activities that do not involve the performing arts, such as, archery, swimming, rock climbing/zip-lining, horseback riding and much more! However, our dance and vocals workshops are a great learning experience. They provide the opportunity to develop new life skills for the future!

  1. What activities are part of each 3-week session?

Performing Arts: Dance workshops, vocal workshops (solo and choral), learning and executing public performances.

Leadership Workshops: Cross-cultural and inter-personal workshops, social justice platforms, and internships.

Adventure Activities: Zip-lining, mountain climbing, high and low ropes courses, swimming, and more classic summer camp fun!

Camp Traditions: Crazy Cast Olympics, campfires, Cultural Palooza (A camper lead culture fair), movie nights, and always time to hang out by the pool.

Community service: past summers have included visiting and volunteering with:

  • Senior Centers
  • Harrisonburg Rivers, Parks, and Streams
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Red Cross
  • Unity Way
  • Various Food Banks
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Scholastic Reading
  • Community Farms
  • Local Thrift Stores
  1. How do you coordinate airport pick-ups and drop-offs, and how will you locate my child?

Our camp staff will arrive at Dulles International Airport (DIA) at 12 pm on the travel day. The bus is scheduled to depart (DIA) with all campers at 5 pm. With that in mind, all campers are requested to arrive at DIA between 12pm – 4pm. Each family must provide their camper’s full travel itinerary as part of the enrollment process. Based on the ticket type we will meet each camper at either, 1) their gate, 2) their baggage claim carousel, or 3) international arrivals. Our staff maintains frequent communication with parents, guardians and/or campers during the arrival day. Our staff wearing camp t-shirts and eagerly waving a Camp Up with People banner make finding campers fun and effective! Once campers arrive, we/they immediately call home to confirm their safe arrival.