By making a contribution to Camp Up with People, you help to ensure that the CUWP experience continues to reach young people in all corners of the world. Your contributions will play a large part in supporting our educational programming, community action projects, scholarships, our keynotes speaker series, and continued growth. As a non-profit program all monetary contributions to CUWP are eligible as tax write-offs.

Giving Options

ANNUAL GIVING: All contributions serve to support CUWP in numerous ways. You may also specify what area of the CUWP experience your annual contribution goes to support.

  1. Community Action Projects
  2. Show Production
  3. Keynote Speaker Series
  4. General Scholarship Fund

SCHOLARSHIPS: Since the summer of 2011, over 65% of our campers have received various levels of tuition assistance. By supporting these young leaders, you are creating a lasting global impact and offering the experience of CUWP to youth that may not otherwise have this experience.

MONTHLY GIVING: Making a recurring gift to CUWP is the easiest way of making a sustainable contribution.

PRICELESS TIME OFFERING – Volunteering and making a donation of your time to CUWP is immeasurable. We have many ways you can make a priceless time donation. Contact us for more information.